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Brian Chuipka, strategic planningThe Mustard Seed Group Business Consultants was founded in 2006 on the principle that Business Continuity Planning should be a straightforward, operations-based process, to be viewed over a wide range of exposures at the Enterprise Level. Our primary focus is to provide services to the Manufacturing and Franchise sector.

Our view is that the process has to involve all stakeholders in the Corporation from the development of the process through its implementation and completion. We believe a silo based approach to planning is ineffective.

The Mustard Seed Group Business Consultants approach is focused on results. Our experience allows us to quickly grasp the key issues of risk, mitigation or Business Continuity Planning that drives a particular business concern with their exposures.

While we maintain and utilize our proprietary Business Continuity Planning approach to develop plans or enable planning for our clients, we do not sell software or represent any type of service provider. This allows us to approach our clients with a pure process that is not influenced by a desire too "up sell" things like expensive specialized software.

The Mustard Seed Group Business Consultants maintains strategic partnership relationships with several compatible firms who can form a scalable network. This allows us to serve any size companies Business Continuity Planning or Change Management Consulting needs both domestically and internationally.

The Mustard Seed Group is owned and led by professional  Business to Business Consultants with over 45 years experience in the Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning and Time Management areas. 

Over there 45 year career {modal url=index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15}Brian Chuipka{/modal} has worked with a wide range of companies over a varied mix of operations and business profiles ranging from the Middle Market to the International Oil Companies.

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