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Franchising Can Be A Great, Lower-Risk Way To Grow Your Business

If you are looking for ways to expand your successful business, franchising may be a very attractive method to consider. By allowing others to replicate your business for a fee, you can expand your business faster and for less investment capital than you would need for other business expansion models. This is because your franchisees will be using their money to help your business grow.

When you create more distribution points for your goods or services by developing franchises, your business will gain market share. Because your franchisees will have invested their own money and efforts into your brand, they will be committed to working towards mutual success and growth.

How does it work? As a franchisor, you grant a license that gives the franchisee the right to use your trademark, brand and operating methods after paying an initial franchise fee. The license tends to be of a contractual, fixed-term nature.

Both parties win — you profit by taking in a franchise fee and royalties as you increase market share, while the franchisee has the benefit of buying into a proven business model, a brand and a support system.

What We Do

What We Do?

Despite its proximity to its southern neighbour, Canada still remains one of the most untapped sources for lucrative franchise opportunities. For franchisors eager to expand their operations in this dynamic and vast country, this wide-open potential.

Just as it is comforting to know that the essential groundwork required to set up shop in Canada has already been done for you, the franchisor, by the Canadian company that understands the market dynamics better than any other:

As many franchise owners have already experienced, The Mustard Seed Group is the perfect place to start. (Think of us as your very own Canadian/ USA Sales Force.) We have an extensive grip on the Canadian / USA marketplace - including a comprehensive industry database – which translates into a rapid entry program to qualified corporations and/or individuals.

The Mustard Seed Group proven system identifies, develops, then packages and launches franchise programs into the marketplace. We have an experienced team on the ground fully capable of executing the prerequisite sales and marketing strategies, in direct collaboration with the franchise stakeholders.

The goal for The Mustad Seed Group is simple: make your franchise program in Canada/ USA accessible, marketable and enduring. When we get that right fit, franchisors discover how lucrative this market can be. It is your success, after all, that drives our business.

  1. Work with the entrepreneur to analyses the business for franchising
  2. Develop a strategic process to build a franchise
  3. Facilitate the process to develop the franchise
  4. Assist the prospective client to buy a franchise?
  5. Work with lawyers and accountants to put it in place?
  6. Facilitate the franchise process for the buyer ( ask the right questions)

To Consider Franchising

To consider franchising, you must:

  1. Have a successful business with a concept that can be replicated
  2. Be able to choose franchisees who are committed to selling your goods or services
  3. Implement procedures that will create consistency among your franchise units
  4. Demonstrate strong leadership and provide a healthy corporate culture

Keep in mind that the key to successful franchising is consistency, an element of business that builds consumer confidence. By increasing your number of distribution points or units, you also increase your clients' familiarity with your brand. They will expect all units to adhere to the same standards, so it is up to you to ensure that all your franchisees follow your operating systems and methods. Nevertheless, while the onus falls on you to uphold your brand, it is also a good idea to encourage input from your franchisees: strong relationships will reinforce everyone's objectives.

Do You Own A Business That Could Be Franchised?

Discover the advantages of expanding your business through franchising. If you’re thinking that growing your business through franchising is an alternative that you would like to seriously investigate, then we should talk. 

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